Dear Trumpers: America doesn't need an id

What his supporters want is someone who will be the nation’s Id. In certain theories of psychology, the “Id” or “It” is the “unconscious” mind driven by raw impulses and appetites—impulses that are usually suppressed, filtered, and harnessed for better ends. So these supporters want something that seems more genuine, precisely because it is so obviously not stifled by any kind of filter.

But a leader who represents the unfiltered, uncontrolled Id is the last thing we need. I say that, not from the perspective of the establishment, which is worried about upsetting the status quo. I say that from the perspective of a small-government radical. The last thing we need is a leader who acts on his uncontrolled impulses. The last thing we need is someone who thinks everything, including government, is about him and his self-aggrandizement and his emotion of the moment.

That’s precisely what we have too much of right now. You know which political figure reminds me the most of Donald Trump? Joe Biden, the famous Senatorial blow-hard who turns every congressional hearing into an arena for personal grandstanding, and who is also famously unable to control his mouth. The only real difference between Biden and Trump? One had bad hair plugs, the other has a cross-hatched double comb-over.

If our goal is to control government, then we also need to control our politicians. Even better, we should want leaders who show an ability to control themselves, according to the dictates of their own principles and a sense of propriety.