What do progressives ultimately want?

The latest is the Confederate flag debate. The flag doesn’t only have to be yanked from the South Carolina State Capitol grounds — that’s fine with me — it needs to be eradicated. The Stars and Bars now must be seized from the U.S. Capitol rotunda. It needs to be banned in federal cemeteries where Confederate dead lie. It needs to be chiseled from tile work in the New York City subway system where it’s gone unnoticed for 100 years. Monuments to Southern Civil War officers need to be toppled. The Jefferson Memorial? It may have to go, too, if you listen to CNN’s Don Lemon. Washington, D.C., itself might need to be renamed, not just its NFL team.

Where does it end? Will America be more fair if we raze all traces of history that offend? Will kids start doing better in school? Will poor people be able to find better paying jobs? Will the Islamic State capitulate?

I supported same-sex marriage, but it’s unearthed a whole new set of grievances. The LGBTQ community is in overdrive pressing for its own special rights now. Transgender men — biological men who self identify as women — say they’re being discriminated against if they can’t go to the bathroom with my daughters. Starting this year, New York requires insurance companies to cover sex-change operations or other treatment to change a person’s gender. It’s considered a necessary therapeutic expense. Abortion into the ninth month of pregnancy has to be codified.