GOP strategists to Jeb: Treat Trump with kid gloves

“His 24-7 media click bait is basically making it so the only other name being mentioned is Bush, which is actually helping Bush. Turn on the TV, turn on the radio, there is not another name being mentioned other than Scott Walker’s in Iowa,” O’Connell added.

“The advantage that Bush gains from Trump is it makes clear that Bush ain’t Trump,” said Rich Galen, a GOP strategist. “I think Trump’s helping Bush because he’s establishing him as a legitimate contender.”

Trump has stirred controversy by declaring illegal immigrants from Mexico have brought a surge of crime, drugs and infectious diseases across the border. He has also pulled Bush into the media spotlight by regularly lobbing grenades at him.

Bush has pushed back, but not aggressively, disappointing pundits who want to see him have a “Sister Soulja” moment. The phrase has become shorthand for how Bill Clinton earned plaudits in 1992 for standing up to the left by rebuking the rapper who called for violence against whites.