Do conservatives owe Mitt Romney an apology?

Around this time, Trump said he was “totally for choice” on abortion. “I’m very pro-choice,” he told Tim Russert in 1999. Asked if he would ban partial-birth abortion, he said no, adding, “I am pro-choice in every respect, as far as it goes.” And that was going farther than Democrats like Joe Biden and Harry Reid were willing to go…

Generally, you are more likely to see in left-leaning publications like BuzzFeed than outlets serving conservative populists address Trump’s political evolution, including his history of donations to Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, while Romney’s conversions attracted far greater scrutiny on the right.

Nobody attends conservative gatherings dressed like a dolphin in order to pillory Trump’s flips, as they did to Romney. The sincerity of milquetoast Mitt was regularly questioned, less so the blustery Donald. You seldom hear Trump described as a RINO.

Sorry for all the RINO-hunting, Mitt. Some wealthy candidates can flip to the right easier than others.