"He's an egotistical guy, but I love an egotistical guy in this case"

McCaslin, who waited hours for Trump to take the stage, said she was blown away by his “impassioned” speech on illegal immigration and the military. She said it solidified her belief that Trump would make a trustworthy president, one who can make great the nation’s standing in the world.

“We need new, we need fresh and we need a man that’s got a backbone, and he appears to have that,” McCaslin said. “He loves the Mexican people. He doesn’t like illegals. I love that.”

Others jeered Trump’s message and said he’s using the immigration issue to get attention. Some of the dozens who gathered outside called him “racist” while others held signs reading “Deport Trump” and “Arizona rejects your racism.”

Some protesters shouted at Trump supporters, who shouted back as they waited to be let into the building.

“Deport you, deport you,” several Trump supporters shouted at the protesters, who gathered in the street and on the sidewalk. Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump characterized protesters as “law-abiding citizens” who want to express their First Amendment rights.