"Don't worry, we'll take our country back"

Supporters here said they admired what they saw as Trump’s honesty.

“He calls a spade a spade and is the only one willing to say it like it is,” said Jim Wines, a registered Republican from Surprise, Ariz. “I’d vote for him to be president today.”

Diane Sapiro stood few feet behind Wines in a line that snaked several city blocks before Trump’s arrival. She wore a button that read “Make America great again,” adorned with a picture of a scowling Trump. Sapiro said she was an unaffiliated voter, disenchanted by both Democrats and Republicans.

“He’s arrogant and a little cocky, but when he talks, he’s saying stuff I agree with,” said the Chandler, Ariz., resident. “Illegals coming across the border are an issue here.”