Inside Trump's private Hollywood event: Love for NBC, pundits are "dopes"

Driving home the point that the membership prefers to remain anonymous, a well-known comedian who introduced Trump asked that his name not be used. “Donald Trump proved that the truth shall set you free. He spoke the truth and NBC set him free,” the comedian said while introducing him.

Coulter shared her support for Trump at the event: “I love Donald Trump. He’s bringing up an issue the rest of them are too chicken or too stupid to discuss.”

FOA member Lionel Chetwynd told The Hollywood Reporter inside the gathering, “It’s common knowledge that there exists in Hollywood conventional wisdom regarding politics that approaches a hive mind. To venture outside of that conventional wisdom often means incurring the wrath of your colleagues and would-be employers.”

“Speaking for myself I think it is natural to want to listen to Mr. Trump and learn what is in his heart and what his words really mean. Some may find those words vulgar and meretricious but I hope to discover whether Mr. Trump is speaking his own truth,” Chetwynd continued.