Sanctuary cities: The immigration secessionists

According to Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies (a group that favors restricted immigration), of some 8,100 deportable aliens released after their arrest by sanctuary jurisdictions from January to August 2014, about 1,900 were arrested again, on 7,500 charges.

Some of these crimes are worthy of the most lurid Trump rhetoric. Vaughan relates a case, based on an internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement report, of an alien arrested for sexual abuse of a child in Los Angeles. The local agency ignored a detainer and the alien was arrested again on charges of sexually assaulting a child.

The number of sanctuary cities has been increasing during the Obama years, and the administration doesn’t care. It has thrown the book at states that have dared to aid in the enforcement of federal immigration law but hasn’t moved against jurisdictions acting at cross purposes to the law. Indeed, it has eased the way for them.