Do Trump and his fans want to persuade others?

Last night at happy hour, we shared some laughs about Twitter users who feel the need to list who has blocked them in their biography. (If you don’t use Twitter, “blocking” is just what it sounds like – adjusting settings so that you don’t see what a person writes.)

Not only is there a certain oddity in people feeling that who blocked them is one of the most important things about them to share with the world, but they’re certain this speaks well of them.

Look, when people don’t want to listen to us, we prefer to think it’s because of our bravery, our willingness to tell it like it is, and that those who walk away from us are like Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men,” they can’t handle the truth. Sometimes that’s the case. And sometimes it’s just that you’re a jerk.

When you’re driving, and somebody passes you on the right, that other driver is terrible. But when you’re driving and everybody is passing you on the right, you’re terrible.