Ted Cruz: We should be able to impeach Supreme Court justices

MEGYN KELLY, HOST: I get that. But in response to a decision that you feel was politically motivated by the Justices who are in the majority. You want to make the Court more political?

CRUZ: It’s pure politics. The Framers, when they wrote the constitution, they believed the check on judicial overreach. The Framers wrote about judicial overreach quite a bit. They believed the check would be impeachment. Now, here is the sad reality. Within a few decades Thomas Jefferson said impeachment had been not even a scarecrow. Even 200 years ago the Supreme Court wasn’t afraid of it.

Today, we have a United States Senate we can’t muster 50 votes to defeat Loretta Lynch, an Attorney General who tells us she is not going to follow the law or the constitution. There’s no universe in which there are 67 votes to remove [Justice] Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court.