Jeb Bush: I made less per speech than Chelsea Clinton did

Bush’s effective tax rate was 36% over the course of these years – in the most recent tax year available, it was over 40%. The documents reveal that Bush has made a significant amount of income from speeches, including a peak of $2.1 million in 2011. His average speech income since leaving office was $1.1 million per year, at a rate of about $40,000 for each domestic speech. In that time he has donated $739,511 to charity and raised millions for other non-profits.

“I made less than Chelsea Clinton,” Jeb Bush said. “That’s 15 yards and a loss of down.”

Bush expressed wry disappointment at the idea that he didn’t merit the pay of Chelsea Clinton, who reportedly received $65,000 for an appearance at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

“I’m not even on the third team of the Clintons,” Bush said.