Purging the Confederate flag is a desecration of American history, says ... Ed Schultz?

The desecration of our nation’s history, I think, is dangerous and I think it’s unproductive. American history and our roots as a nation needs (sic) to be, number one, understood. It needs to be properly interpreted. It needs to be taught. And at a level, I think, it needs to be respected to be put in its proper context to the recognition of what has developed our great nation and how we have moved forward.

Now what that flag represented at the time is no longer relevant in modern-day society. It’s no longer relevant to our moral compass. It’s no longer relevant to who we are as a country. And I think it’s display in public places, number one, is misplaced and it should be corrected and it is being corrected. But to erase the roots of our country serves no purpose for future generations. There’s now a big discussion about, what are we going to do with statues that are inside the United States Capitol? I think you can make the case that the Capitol is a museum because of all the incredible historical events that have happened in our Capitol, and it is a part of our national discussion about where we have been.

And so, I think it serves no purpose to this country for future generations if we’re going to totally rewrite the history books and I see an avalanche starting with the removal of the Confederate flag. We have to do this in a smart way.