Non-white politicians are running for president and liberals can't stand it

Jindal is hardly the only minority GOP candidate to be accused of betraying his race. Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin was forced to apologize to Ted Cruz after a bizarre interview in which Halperin asked the Texas Senator about his favorite Latino foods and music, and insisted that Cruz speak in Spanish. A New York Times op-ed suggested that Cruz was as Hispanic as Tom Cruise. Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson argued in 2013 that Cruz should not “be defined as a Hispanic.”

Republican Ben Carson, the only African-American candidate from either party, has been called a “black racial hit man,” a “traitor to his people,” and a “role model for black teens until he sold out to the right.” Marco Rubio has been accused of perpetuating “all the bad stereotypes of Cuban Americans,” and has been described as a “brown face” Republicans “trot out” in an effort to appeal to Hispanics. Meanwhile, liberals have attacked Carly Florina, the youngest female candidate in the 2016 field, for daring to identify as a feminist.