Bristol Palin makes a great argument for abstinence in her baby announcement

Gawker headlined its rude treatment of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy announcement this way: “Bristol Palin Makes Great Argument for Abortion in Baby Announcement.” While implying Palin is a skank (which sort of projection leftists insist they adamantly oppose), Gawker also interprets Palin’s obvious frustration at her second pregnancy as a great reason for her to kill the child. Right, because it’s so fair for parents to murder their kids as a solution for having done at an inconvenient time the only thing in the world that makes a kid. Talk about blame the victim.

The writer’s treatment of Palin also makes me suspect the writer has never been pregnant, because if she had, she’d understand that we pregnant ladies all get frustrated at our uncomfortable state of affairs. Pregnancy isn’t a picnic. All that “glowing” and “you’re so beautiful” crap is a lie, at least in my experience. Pretty much every change pregnancy brings, except the baby, sucks. Oh, and that little thing about how motherhood also helps erase our childless selves’ smug, selfish complacency. Creating a new life, making ourselves better, making the world better…that’s all pregnancy gets you in the long run, despite all the very real short-term suck.