The media's despicable, racist attack on Bobby Jindal

As a fun test, let’s take these quotes from the Post and TNR about Jindal, D’Souza, and Haley replace their names with Obama’s (along with “left-wing” instead of “right-wing,” etc.). I’ll invite my liberal friends to tell me if any of these sentiments are remotely okay to voice.

“Obama’s status as a liberal of color helped propel his meteoric rise in the Democratic Party… and donors from African-American groups fueled his first forays into politics. Yet many see him as a man who has spent a lifetime distancing himself from his black roots.

“There’s not much black left in Barack Obama.”

“The career of Barack Obama carries an implicit message: Racial minorities can advance in the Democratic Party by erasing their ethnic identity and/or attacking other minorities.”

“Barack Obama, whose advancement includes suppressing public references to his Muslim heritage and being presented by his campaign as a ‘proud Christian man…’”