Angry e-mails show how Jeb Bush dealt with the Confederate flag issue as governor

“Sir, I voted for you, but NEVER again,” he added. “I know you will never read my e-mail as you”ll have one of your flunkies respond.”

Bush replied: “Mr. Jenkins, I am reading your email and I don’t have flunkies around me. You will be able to see the flags that flew over Florida in the Museum of Florida History proudly displayed.”

Records suggest Jenkins never replied to Bush.

In a separate message, Wesley H. Frank told the governor: “I am disappointed in your feelings toward this state, your only here to get elected to the next higher political job, you only are worried about your image not Florida, her people, nor her proud history.”

“I agree with you that the flags should be displayed as history,” Bush wrote back. “That is why since there is a fountain project commencing where the flagpoles once were, they will be respectfully displayed in the Museum of Florida History.”