Why feminists are fighting a losing battle over boobs

But the fact is that their movement itself is based on a double standard. Indeed, if they were interested in genuine sexual equality, they wouldn’t just fight for the right to go topless, but all laws against indecent exposure. So why don’t they? Maybe because they realize that allowing strange men to swing their schlongs in streets would be neither comfortable nor safe for women.

Indeed, this might surprise Jezebel feminists, but female breasts are sexual parts in a way that male breasts are not. To be sure, shirtless men also used to raise eyebrows in America once upon a time — but that had more to do with the rigid standards of sartorial decorum and less to do with the sexuality of male boobs. The male equivalent of the “free the nipple” movement would be a “liberate the balls” movement. But does anyone doubt that many Free the Nipple activists would feel “microagressed” if pictures of men sporting cocksocks — bikinis that cover their Johnson but leave their balls exposed — were to start invading their Facebook feeds? Indeed, can a movement so easily offended that it demands trigger warnings before discussions of sex in lit classes deal with open displays of male sexuality?