The amoral case against paying for sex

If in fact we have reached a level of sexual sophistication in our society in which prostitution loses its stigma, then don’t we have a responsibility to train our daughters in its practice? If we detach morality from the question, then we are clearly remiss in not training our future prostitutes. But what form will this education take?

Are we to leave it up to the individual pimps, or the Uber-esque tech pimp companies of the future with their apps, to teach our kids this trade? Maybe it’s true that nobody needs to be taught how to have sex, but don’t they need to be taught how to deal with the emotional and physical consequences of sex with dozens or hundreds of partners with whom they have no connection beyond a paycheck?

The bottom line is this: If you are a guy and you hire a prostitute in good faith, with the best intentions, are you comfortable with your daughter or sister being educated in this lucrative business? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t do it. Not because of G-d or Bentham, but because you are doing something you believe is harmful. Not bad, not wrong, not immoral. Harmful.