If your parent is a senator, you are 8,500 times more likely to also become a senator

A 2010 poll by Adecco found only 1 in 4 parents actually wants their kids to pursue the same profession they did. That low figure is a result of parents wanting their kids to do something better than they did — a career that pays better, and is easier or more fulfilling. For politicians, though, the gig can pay really well (especially once out of office), not to mention carry a lot of prestige, with the family name on yard signs and maybe even, one day, an airport, elementary school or stretch of highway. Of course politicians are cool with their kids getting into the business.

Across different fields, having a dad who did it before definitely helps your chances. The New York Times’ Seth Stephens-Davidowitz found American men are 1,361 times more likely to win an Academy Award, 1,639 times more likely to win a Pulitzer, and 1,895 times more likely to become a famous chief executive if their dad did the same thing first. And if their dad was a senator, their chances are even better, at 8,500 times more likely.

In some ways, the benefits of getting into politics after your dad did are no different than the benefits in other industries.