Huckabee: Christianity is the means to creating true racial reconciliation in America

HUCKABEE: I think the best way to address it is the way we’ve seen from the church members at Emanuel AME Church. If you look at the pastor who was murdered, it occurs to me that here is a shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep, the greatest example of Biblical love, of Christian spirit , and when you hear the family members — as we heard in that very powerful interview earlier — it reminds us that Christianity is no this cartoon-ish, contemptible, laughable faith that people today try to marginalize.

It is a powerful force of healing and reconciliation, and I know there are many people in our culture who don’t want people to bring faith into the discussion. Chuck, after watching that family and seeing the members of this church in court the other day I would say that most Americans stand back in awe and maybe would understand that it is precisely faith that would help this country have TRUE racial reconciliation.