The Pope's solution for global warming: Pray

More intriguing was his swipe at the humanity haters, the gestalt of certain parts of the environmental movement and closely allied with its temptation toward totalitarianism, not to mention its habit of extreme self-righteousness, which seems to be the main compensation that draws many to the global-warming cause.

To the real problem he offers no answer except for humans to improve themselves. Anything that the political process spits out in response to uncertain climate fears will be more effective in redistributing resources among lobbying groups than in doing anything about climate.

Meanwhile, the pope (like too many climate scientists) is reluctant to acknowledge that things will change by themselves in ways profoundly affecting the climate puzzle. Sayeth the former Cardinal Bergoglio, “Humanity is called to become aware of the need to change styles of life, of production and consumption,” and to make “investments in the means of production and transport which consume less energy and require a smaller amount of raw material.”