Hillary Clinton is the status quo candidate

On policy, Hillary really hasn’t proposed anything that Obama wouldn’t propose if he was running  for third term himself. Pretending to sort of of oppose him on trade doesn’t count. She supports his (legally dubious) efforts to reform the immigration system through executive action, but has promised to do it harder. Like Obama, she wants to make registering to vote easier than attending a Hillary Clinton campaign event.

Even if Hillary wins and Democrats get at least 50 seats in the Senate, Republicans will almost definitely remain in charge of the House. Unless she radically alters her agenda, Hillary’s ability to win Congressional approval for her policy’s will be no better than Obama’s. Maybe she resorts to executive order, which may or may not survive legal challenges.

In other words, it’s hard to see how a Hillary Clinton presidency would significantly alter the status quo. Yes, she would make history as the oldest Democrat to win the White House. But what else would she bring to the table, apart from an approach to press relations that is even more paranoid and adversarial than the current administration’s? Does anyone think a Hillary Clinton administration will be more transparent? What could she do differently to ensure that Republicans don’t pick up seats in the Senate in 2018?