Limbaugh: Conservative media is harder on Trump than they are on Hillary

Rush Limbaugh is a little bothered by how some conservative commentators have reacted to Donald Trump‘s candidacy, remarking that they’re not nearly this tough on Hillary Clinton.

Yes, from a few Fox News pundits to writers for other conservative publications haven’t exactly been kind to trump. It got to the point where National Review‘s Kevin D. Williamson reacted to Trump’s 2016 announcement with the actual headline “Witless Ape Rides Escalator.”

There are plenty of conservatives who refuse to take Trump seriously, and Limbaugh remarked today, “If the conservative media would hit Hillary with one-tenth of what they’re hitting Trump with, it might matter! It’s incredible. Hillary Clinton gets more respect than Trump gets from the conservative media.”

He called out Williamson’s piece in particular, reading from it with incredulity and saying, “I wish some in our conservative media would let go with some of this stuff for Democrats.”