Rachel Dolezal wanted to protest "Exodus" for casting white actors as Africans

Remember the furor back in 2014 over the casting of white actors to play ancient Egyptians in the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings? Well one activist who called for a boycott of the film was none other than Rachel Dolezal, the former Spokane NAACP official who was revealed last week to have been a white woman lying about being black.

Dolezal made the comments during an interview with local Spokane radio station KYRS. “You have white, European actors playing North African historical figures, like they were in the ’30s and the ’40s,” complained host Taylor Weech.

“A lot of people might go to the film. Hopefully nobody goes to that film,” Dolezal said. “We need to boycott that film from my perspective…”

Dolezal denounced the film as “miseducation [sic],” “misrepresentation,” and “highly offensive” to ancient Egyptians. “And also to people today,” she continued, “it’s robbing and shredding ancestry and history.”