Will sex become purely recreational by 2050?

Djerassi was probably getting ahead of himself, big time. IVF treatment is required to be part of insurance policies in only a handful of states. A few big-name employers, like Facebook and Apple, are getting onboard with treatment coverage, but not everyone can work for a tech giant. The average cost of treatment is $12,400, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. That’s still prohibitive for a huge number of families.

And it isn’t just about the money.

“I think IVF is a lot to go through,” said reproductive endocrinologist Tom Molinaro of the Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey. “It is a big deal to take hormones for two to three weeks, to having anesthesia. It’s a roller coaster ride. I think there are lots of people who have to do IVF who don’t want to do it.”

Plus, lingering ethical questions about who should be eligible for the treatment and how to make that treatment more efficient and successful may not be answered quickly.