Three ways cancer scientist Tim Hunt's social-media mob went too far

3) Is there anything of value in the argument you deride?
Finally, since we’re being all magnanimous and stuff, another word of caution. Just because you aren’t turned on by working in close proximity with people of the opposite sex doesn’t mean that rule applies generally.

Many of us have libidos that can be activated by, well, anything really. Others have very low-acting libidos or are turned on only by people to whom they’re married. But working in close proximity can lead to complications. The Daily Mail had a silly little story about a silly little survey done by a sex toy company that claimed 46 percent of women and 42 percent of men fantasize about people they’re not having sex with while having sex with their partner. And for women, it’s frequently a colleague. Again, I don’t take surveys from sex toy companies terribly seriously but the fact is, quite simply, that many of us fantasize about colleagues or fall in love with various people we’re working with. Men and women find it easy to be sexually aroused by each other. And while it’s absolutely true that we should keep these feelings in check and avoid fishing off the company dock during work hours, we shouldn’t mock the idea that men and women working together can get messy.