TransRace, TransSex, TransAbled: Objective truth and marginalization

The most interesting and ironic thing about the End of Objective Truth is that it has been brought about (and celebrated) largely by people who have proudly, for some decades, eschewed the idea of faith and “bronze age oogedy boogedy”, for the world of hard facts and science. Often they will tell you that they do not believe in God because they live in a world buttressed by the (Catholic-invented) Scientific Method, and full of measurable, verifiable and quantitative data.

Now, it seems, Science is to be thrown into the dumpster, along with God. A life of faith, is for the naifs. Heaven is the safe-haven of the gullible, the under-educated, the unenlightened, and the narrow-minded, who are incapable of seeing a man as a woman, a healthy body as disabled and a white woman as a victimized black woman. And a life of Science, insisting that male-chromosomes, untamed by drugs, remain male chromosomes, that healthy bodies are in fact healthy, and that German-Swedish DNA is neither Nigerian nor Ethiopean, is just a life of bigoted mean-ness, a life that has no compassion for the reality of the human mind.

“Reality,” Robin Williams once mused, “what a concept.”

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