If Republicans can't beat Hillary, they should disband the party

Republicans have plenty of material with which to attack Clinton as inauthentic, corrupt, dishonest, out of touch, recycled from the past, and in bed with Wall Street and large corporations, with a failed record in public life.

Hillary Clinton displayed today her tremendous weaknesses as a candidate. All she has going for her is the hope that pushing the right buttons on identity politics and promising new government benefits, Americans will overlook what they don’t like.
When Republicans lost two elections to Barack Obama, it was easy to explain away as a special phenomenon. In 2008, Obama was a rock star running against a boring old Senator who represented an incumbent party that had presided over an unpopular war and financial crash. In 2012, he ran for reelection against a weak candidate who had trouble winning over his own party.

But in 2016, Republicans have the ability to nominate a formidable candidate to put up against a Democrat with lots of baggage. If they blow it, then it may be time to throw in the towel.

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