Donald Trump and the clown show

The tease—or the con, depending on how you view it—started in 1987 when the real estate mogul responded to a New Hampshire man’s “Draft Donald Trump” initiative by helicoptering to the state to make a speech and then taking out politically tinged full-page advertisement in newspapers. Trump didn’t run that year. Nor did he run in 2000 when he next made aspirational noises. Nor did he run in 2012 when the noises returned, although he did flap his sweaty arms and wag the pulchritude of his tail to display his feral desire to be president.

The Trump threat has returned this political season, and it even has a date assigned to it: He promises to make a formal announcement on June 16 about his 2016 intentions, which may include a run for the Republican nomination. He’s reopened the tap that is his mouth and from it are flowing fresh Trumpisms, like these just collected by the Raleigh News & Observer:

“I would be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”

“I would be strongest by far on security, because I’m very big into the military, very big into the vets.”