The lesson of the traffic-tickets story: Marco Rubio does not abuse his influence

Here’s how I know with 100% certainty that the Clintons would have abused their power to get out of traffic tickets: They abused their power in order to get the IRS to audit their enemies when Bill was in office. When the Lewinsky scandal threatened to blow up, they used their influence to try to quietly shunt Monica off to a cushy job at Revlon. We now know that donors to the Clinton foundation got preferential treatment from the State Department.
To the Clintons, there is no point in even having power if you’re not going to abuse it for your own personal gain.

Which is why it’s impossible to imagine that they would have tolerated something as pedestrian as paying a traffic ticket, even though by now they are worth gazillions of dollars and can doubtless afford it. Pettiness is and has ever been the Clinton hallmark.

Now, as a person who has been important in Florida politics for a long time, Marco Rubio could have doubtless made some strategic phone calls and made these traffic tickets disappear. Instead, however, he appears to have pretty much paid them. For his wife, he made the shocking change of strategy, reported with equal breathlessness by the NYT, of… hiring a lawyer. Cue the spooky music and include the lawyer’s ad, which (shockingly) reports that he specializes in defending traffic tickets.