The time has come for President Lindsey Graham

Obama has dug America deep into a hole. We need a solid foreign-policy president to pull ourselves out. Graham is that man. Here’s why.

First of all, the basics: Graham has gravitas. He would fight to win.

Lindsay Graham has consistently spoken out on the troubles we are facing around the world, and he has put forward sound solutions. He has spoken out forcefully, on the right side, on the civil wars in the Middle East. He has described accurately the dangers facing us. He has identified our enemies truthfully.

He understood that Benghazi was not about 24 hours of incompetence — that it was the end result of a policy that sided with the wrong players, the Islamist militias that attacked us. He knew that it was Obama, not just Susan Rice, who was guilty of lying — perhaps to himself but certainly to others — when he put the blame on Americans and their supposed Islamophobic prejudices for inspiring the attack on America in Benghazi.