Ryan Seacrest should moderate the GOP debates

Get me Ryan Seacrest’s agent! It’s American Idol meets The West Wing, and it’s going to be a hit.

Fox should market August’s over-crowded GOP debate as a reality show. 14 Republicans on a stage. 13 questions. After each question the audience votes off the candidate who gave the worst answer.

Cue the lights. Go elimination music. “The audience has voted (Seacrest pauses) Rick, I’m sorry. Please vacate your podium.”

Charles Krauthammer, Greg Gutfeld, and JLo can be the judges who wax analytical about each candidate’s performance. It would be the most watched political debate of all time and an exercise in free market competition. Sure, it would be damaging to be the first one voted off, but it would be more damaging to be cut from the debate entirely.

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