The silence of the campus quad

Pulitzer Prize-winning author George Will was welcomed with protests at Miami University in Ohio, uninvited to speak at Scripps College, and met protests before and during a speech at Michigan State University—all within a mere few weeks of one another. At Oberlin College in April, students reacted to a speech by American Enterprise Institute scholar and author Christina Hoff Sommers with protests and trigger warnings. Students also protested when Sommers spoke at Georgetown University that same month.

The list goes on. In her important new book, The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech, author Kirsten Powers analyzes such campus malignancies with surgical coolness and precision. The subtitle of Powers’s book is apt. There is no equal-opportunity assault on free speech today at college or anywhere else: The left is leading the charge. The Silencing also establishes just how far and wide the damage is done, both on college campuses and off.

“The people who purport to believe in tolerance, diversity, and free speech in fact act like intolerant fundamentalists projecting their own narrow-mindedness onto Christian groups who want merely to be left alone to practice their faith and serve their campus communities,” Powers writes.

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