The newest idiocy: Segregating third-graders

When the racial “affinity groups” meet, they are asked questions like “How do you see other people? How do other people see you? What assumptions do you make based on appearances?”

They are told to stare at groups of kids of other races and then share the things they wonder aloud. Said one boy, “We talk about how it’s important to know what your race is. We talk about the difference between being prejudiced and being racist.”

Wait, what’s the difference again? Oh never mind. The point of this exercise is once again to reemphasize the racial differences among kids.

Because not to do so, according to the experts is to “exacerbate the problem by papering it over.” Instead the school wants kids to have “authentic” conversations about race.

But if you allow 8-year-olds to have an open dialogue about race, they might do things like ask about another kid’s hair or heritage.

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