Ron Paul’s celebrity fans aren’t flocking to Rand Paul

There are only a handful who’ve weighed in so far, and their responses are an unscientific, very small-sample-size poll of who former Paul supporters could go for in 2016. Are Paul supporters excited at all by his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)? Do they like Bernie Sanders — the closest thing Democrats have to their own Ron Paul? Are they looking elsewhere?

In lieu of specific polls showing who Ron Paul supporters like in 2016, our Philip Bump in April compared favorability of the father and son and found Rand is seen more favorably than Ron was. But Politico found in March that some “die-hard idealists whose energy powered [Ron Paul’s] campaigns” were disillusioned by Rand and defecting. Rand inherits part of his father’s base, it seems, but far from all of it.

And what celebrities are saying about 2016 bears that out as well.

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