Will humans keep getting taller?

“The average height today in the US is not appreciably different than it was in the mid to late 70s, even the late 60s,” says Leonard. “We’re talking about 40 to 50 years of relative plateau.”

How have Northern Europeans pulled ahead? Komlos strongly believes that unequal access to nutrition and healthcare in the US compared to more socialised systems in advanced European nations is the difference-maker.

Millions of Americans lack medical insurance and do not see doctors regularly. Pregnant women are afforded little aid in the States, whereas in Holland, “they get home visits from nurses absolutely free”, says Komlos. In addition, a third of Americans are obese, thanks in part to eating too much junk food. Calorie-dense, processed foods can shave centimetres off consumers’ growth, owing to developmental and metabolic issues. “The Coca-Cola, hamburger, McDonald’s diet is not going to bring you up to the Dutch level, to put it simply,” says Komlos.