Why would a Bush give up on Iowa?

Veterans of earlier Bush campaigns in Iowa like Ms. Whisenand have taken to privately complaining to one another that Jeb Bush has been slow to enlist their help.

Signals from Mr. Bush’s camp that it plans only a light Iowa footprint are causing waves of anxiety for his supporters here, as they worry that Mr. Bush may lose his chance to climb out of the hole he currently inhabits in state polls.

Ms. Whisenand said Ms. Kelly apologized that she was “the only person on board” with Jeb Bush in Iowa.

A spokesman for Mr. Bush, Tim Miller, said that if Mr. Bush decided to run, “He will work hard to earn Iowans’ support and have a dedicated team of staff and volunteer supporters in the state.”

Mr. Bush is returning to Iowa on Saturday so he can attend the state Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines, along with 10 other declared and likely presidential candidates.