Where left-feminism meets bro culture

[T]he older I get, the more I’m struck by the fact that Left-feminism seems to be more and more determined to create a perfect world for particularly immature seventeen year old heterosexual males. Forget, for a moment, the concept that this company’s imagined first instinctive response by a prospective father to Hi, I might be pregnant would be Let’s get that abortion set up. It’s that this company seems downright desperate to create a culture where having an abortion would have the same moral status of fixing a hangnail.

Yeah, the world doesn’t actually work like that. But ads like these do help counter the propaganda that there’s no such thing as pro-abortion activists, or pro-abortion activism, or a pro-abortion movement. It’s become increasingly clear that there are people out there who have in fact desensitized themselves on life issues in a way that would shock and horrify the very liberals who cheered Roe v. Wade. Which is bad enough; but for the love of everything holy, why is modern left-feminism so determined to sexually reward men for being sex-pigs, instead of functional adults? What good is that for anybody, really?

PS: Far be it from me to offer unsolicited advice to anyone, but here goes: [insert non-triggering term that collectively refers to women here]. If your boyfriend* sent you a link to that advertisement with a hearty “Right on!” or “Take back your bodies!” or whatever the current favorable signaling would be, rest assured: this really is one of those times when you need that particular man like a fish needs a bicycle.