Internet mob justice isn't justice at all

“Our lives are now ruined because of a donut,” one of the men wrote on Facebook. “God forgive me. We now have no means of income because of a donut and being human.”

Few things are as dangerous as the toxic mix of hero worship and outrage culture.

Two elderly men are now out of their jobs because they stopped to grab a snack before making an hour-and-a-half drive.

As The Daily Banter’s Michael Luciano writes, “To the people who are upset about their decision, what exactly were they supposed to do in that situation at that moment? Were they supposed keep driving and hope they didn’t start to feel faint, lose focus, and maybe hurt somebody or themselves?”

The details, the men’s names, the name of the man who confronted them and the myriad bloggers and journalists who wrote about how outrageous it was, aren’t important. It’s just another story in a long litany of outrage culture online.