Why is blue the world's favorite color?

Though blue tends to be more popular with men than women (in the United States, the split was 40% to 24%; in Britain 40% to 27%), women still tend to pick blue more often than any other color. Pink was, unsurprisingly, much more popular with women than men, but even among women it was preferred by only around 10-13% and was not usually any more popular than red, purple or green.  

Blue is also the winner across age groups and, in the United States, where respondents are broken down into racial subgroups, blue is preferred by roughly equal numbers of whites (30%), blacks (35%) and Hispanics (35%).

Perhaps more surprisingly for a country often described as a collection of red (Republican) and blue (Democratic) states, US Democrats and Republicans are about as likely as each other to prefer blue (33% for Democrats and 29% for Republicans). However, 17% of Republicans like red – twice the number of Democrats who do (8%).