Ben Carson: 'Probably not' helpful to call Obama a psychopath but it was accurate

“Like most psychopaths,” Carson said in a lengthy GQ profile when discussing Obama’s State of the Union speech. “That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

Carson told local Concord News Radio Monday that if people knew what a psychopath was, they would agree with him — though he said it was probably not helpful for the political process.

“Uh, probably not and that was an off-the-record comment that was put on the record,” Carson said, when asked whether the comment was helpful. “I said he looks like — he reminds you of one. And if anybody knows what a psychopath is, they would agree. But when you say certain things, people can’t look at what you’re saying they just hear the word and that’s not helpful. So I agree.”