In Pam Geller's world, everybody jihads

Another strong critic of Islamism, Michael Totten, an award-winning foreign correspondent whose work has appeared in such publications as Commentary and The Wall Street Journal, has been targeted by Geller for writing too sympathetically about Bosnian and Kosovar Muslims.

“I got on the hit list of Pamela Geller and her flock of honking geese when, while reporting from Bosnia and Kosovo, I wrote about Serbian ethnic cleansing and war crimes,” Totten told me in an email. “She insists not only that Serbian ethnic cleansing didn’t occur—never mind that I know some of the victims and visited some of the ethnically cleansed areas in person—but also that ‘every major US paper in 1999’ supposedly ‘debunked’ the ethnic cleansing that every knowledgeable and serious person knows happened. The woman lives in an alternate universe.”

Totten’s run-in with Geller highlights another troubling aspect of her views: a propensity for Bosnian Muslim genocide denial and for valorizing Serbian mass murderers as leaders of anti-jihadist resistance. (“The Serbs dared to fight. That’s what this is all about,” she wrote in a 2011 post.) Spencer has generally stayed quiet on this issue, but one his closest associates, writer and academic Srdja Trifkovic, is not only a denier of Serbian war crimes but a former advisor to one of the accused perpetrators, Bosnian Serb politician Radovan Karadzic.