Don't unfriend your racist Facebook friends. Teach them.

I get it. It’s frustrating. We went through this with Ferguson, and Staten Island. Back then, your buddy posted fake pictures of Michael Brown with a gun, and now, she posts fake pictures of looting. She posts videos of a CVS burning. She doesn’t post the videos of police throwing bricks at children, or the video of a young man literally being kidnapped by armored troops as CNN reporters ignore him. At best, she might post the now-infamous video of the woman smacking her child, calling her a hero – yes, Stacey, the same woman that posted that 10 Reasons Not to Hit your Child listicle last week. But she’s happy to have permission to cheer on the beating of a black child.

To her, broken windows really are worse than broken (black) spines.

It’s strange. All of a sudden, your friends, many of them (but not all) white, have an opinion on black politics.

These people – your friends – have never once said anything about Baltimore before Freddie Gray. Poverty did not concern them.