The best thing Hillary could do for her campaign is ditch Bill

All that said, I’m kind of sick of blaming Hillary for acting like the woman she was carefully trained to be. Today I feel a bit like blaming Bill for not being the kind of man the future demands.

Because we wouldn’t have gotten here if he had taken care to keep it in his proverbial pants: Why were donors to the Foundation undisclosed, despite a promise to the Obama administration that they would be? Why were any mistakes made, per Pally’s concession, when Hillary was holding a crucial federal position and everyone knew she’d likely run for president? This man’s wife has been trying to become the first woman president of the United States and he couldn’t make quadruple sure his Foundation got the taxes right? For that matter, why didn’t he or anyone in his orbit effectively discourage her from returning to the family fold, knowing the complications of a massive philanthropy, understanding the critical attention it was bound to draw?

Or perhaps Bill could have gone one more: He could have distanced himself from the Foundation for a few years, handed off its operations to someone else, gone somewhere and behaved well and kept quiet. Of course it would have been a sacrifice, of his time, his energies, his good work and intentions.

But here’s the thing. She moved to Arkansas. She gave up her name. She wrote a book about a housecat.