Limey liars and the country that doesn't love them

The Tories are liars. They’ve been practicing a program of government austerity. It’s worked. Britain’s economy is the fastest growing in Europe. (Low bar, but…) The Conservatives, however, vowed that austerity meant “We’re all in this together.” The rich ain’t. The posh parts of London and Southeast England are farting through silk. The rest of the nation sucks a shrunken tit of social benefits.

The Lib-Dems are liars. They swore they’d roll back college tuition fees. (Already dirt cheap by American standards, but…)

Then the Tory Blutos in the governing coalition convinced the Lib-Dems to have a toga party instead, or something, and the fees went up. Plus the Lib-Dems were already considered to have their pants on fire for getting in bed with the Conservatives in what amounts to dog/mailman miscegenation.

Labour’s a liar. Labour vows increased spending with decreased debt, the public sector and the private sector both somehow growing rapidly at the same time, a more united Great Britain with a more independent Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, push me, pull you, liquor in the front, poker in the rear. Labour has made so many promises that they are pre-broken, shattered cups and saucers in the political china shop window.

The British fear for their social programs if the Conservatives win. They fear for their economy if Labour takes over. And they’ve given up on the Lib-Dems for partnering with the Conservatives in the coalition tango where the Tories led while the Lib-Dems danced backwards.