Mike Huckabee, the populist one-percenter

During that campaign, in the days before the crucial Wisconsin primary, Huckabee was so strapped for cash that he went off the trail to deliver a paid speech in the Cayman Islands. “You’ve got to work for a living and pay your bills,” he said at the time. He attacked Romney that year for looking like “the guy who laid you off.” He held events at Pizza Ranches because it was free to rent space at the chain restaurant.

In the years since, Huckabee has aggressively filled his coffers.

A POLITICO report last July highlighted his penchant for using private jets. He’s racked up more than a quarter-million dollars in private air travel bills over the past few years and has routinely insisted that candidates or local parties that he’s coming to support pay the expense.

The New York Times recently spotlighted dubious groups Huckabee has rented his campaign email list out to – from survivalists warning of coming food shortages to a group that says there’s a miracle cure for cancer hidden in the Bible (which people can find out about with a $72 subscription to their product). Huckabee recorded an infomercial for a sketchy diabetes treatment that scientists say is bunk.