McDonald's set to become a "modern, progressive burger company"

In nine weeks, he has already presided over several huge shake-ups, including dropping several unpopular items from the menu — including the Deluxe Quarter Pounder, the chipotle barbecue snack wrap and half a dozen chicken sandwiches — to speed up service and make way for other grub, like its “Artisan” grilled chicken sandwich and sirloin burger.

The company is also testing out all-day breakfast in California, and it intends to stop buying chicken treated with antibiotics. The company also said last month it planned to close about 700 of its more than 36,000 worldwide stores this year, twice as many as expected, but raise wages at its corporate-run U.S. restaurants.

The company’s turnaround effort has been struggling even before it got off the ground. Its “Pay with Lovin’” ad campaign, which pushed customers to call their mom or give someone a hug in exchange for free food, was seen by customers and critics alike as an awkward, confusing mess.