Kerry dismisses Israel's 'hysteria' over Iran deal

Kerry said in the interview that he understands the feelings in Israel toward the nuclear deal, and the questions and doubts it raises. Still, he rejected the claim that the U.S. has let Israel down, asserting that talk of “disappointment” was inappropriate. “We will never disappoint Israel,” he said.

Kerry added that, under the deal, there would be inspectors in Iran “every day.”

“That is not a 10-year deal, that’s forever,” he said. “There have to be inspections. There’s a lot of hysteria about this deal. People really need to look at the facts, look at the science of what is behind those facts… We ask people to measure carefully what the agreement is, and wait until we have an agreement to make all these judgements.”

Kerry added that the U.S. will not sign a deal that won’t stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and that won’t provide the security of knowing what Iran is doing.

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