Bernie Sanders will be a headache for Hillary

The danger for Clinton is that Sanders represents a strong contrast to her. Not only is he considered a strong voice on issues of interest to liberals — climate change, income inequality, corporate influence, single-payer healthcare — but he comes across as much more authentic.

Unlike Hillary, when he talks about how the deck is stacked against lower-income Americans, he won’t be saying it as somebody who earned six-figure speaking fees and who will be collecting mountains of money from the top 1-percent…

“I’ve known Hillary Clinton for many years — and I like Hillary Clinton very much and clearly this is a very capable person,” Sanders said during an appearance on ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC.

“But she has to answer some very significant questions. Right now, coming to the floor of the Senate pretty soon, is another disastrous trade agreement called the TPP. Trade agreements have cost us millions of jobs pushed by corporate America. Where does Hillary Clinton stand on that? I’ve been one of the leaders in trying to oppose the Keystone Pipeline and say that climate change is one of the great global crises that we face. We’ve got to rapidly move away from fossil fuels. Where does Hillary stand on that? In terms of Wall Street, I believe we’ve gotta break up these giant banks. They’ve got just too powerful. Where does Hillary Clinton stand on that? But the bottom line is, we need people to stand up to the billionaire class and their economic and political power.”

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