This is why they hate us

Thanks to Jesse Walker for highlighting this clip. Because it’s amazing. If you don’t want to watch, it’s easy to explain: It’s a CNN host telling the audience to go f—k itself if they want to get news about riots in Baltimore, that they can check out local news reports or hop on Twitter to find out what was going on or wait until the morning. They were going to stick on “most powerful man in the world” who was going to tell some (awful) jokes.

The problem, of course, is that anyone with the capability of changing the program at CNN was, in all likelihood, at the dinner itself. As was much of the on-air talent, I’m sure. But the decision is galling nonetheless. And it’s a perfect example of why the rest of the country is so sick of Washington, so hateful toward the press corps. Nobody outside the Beltway gives a good goddamn about our homeless man’s Oscars. Why should they? And if they do, they can watch the damn thing on CSPAN! You know what they can’t do on CSPAN? Watch breaking news from a city tearing itself apart, a city so fearful for its people that it’s locking them inside a baseball stadium while “outside agitators”* incite chaos.

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